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Interview with Clara Bowman Jahn

February 14th, 2014

Good morning Clara. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to visit with us and to be gracious enough to answer some questions about yourself and your writing.

In what genre do you write and why did you choose that particular genre?

I have one childrenís book published and one on the way, coming out summer of 2014. But now I am writing a memoir. So picture book writing is far off.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in life?

My greatest accomplishment in life is raising my boys. They were ten and fourteen when their dad, my best friend, died and so raising them the rest of the way was left to me. They are now wonderful adults and I am so proud of them.

Do you have a special place to do your writing? Do you like solitude as you write or does music inspire you? If it does, what kind of music do you prefer?

I do like solitude. Quiet. And I write best before my husband wakes for breakfast. Music is too beautiful to write by. I need silence of the mind to listen to music to do it justice, although I can drive and listen to music.

If you could start your writing career over again, what bit of advice or know-how would you want to bring with you?

Write everyday all day, take notes and save them on all kinds of situations and issues and circumstances. Use all your life to make notes and write about it all. Take notes on your children as they grow up. Donít miss it by being too busy. Take time to write about it.

If you were going to visit any place in the world to research a book where would it be?

My past. With my twenty-twenty hindsight I have today.

What is the best writing advice you ever had?

Donít worry about the shitty first draft. Ha ha.

What inspired you to write in the first place?

Something beautiful happened. After being sick I had the windows open above me in the bedroom while I lay there in a fever. The birds started singing and I wanted to record it somehow. I wrote it down in my journal but a little girl had to hear it or else it would not be alive. And that is how my first book came to be, ďAnnieís Special Day.Ē

Tell us about your latest publication.

That will be Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story co-authored with my friend Susan April Elwood. Edmund is an abused donkey coming to Evermay farm and learns to trust his caregiver Susan and help out on the farm. It is a true story.

Tell us something about yourself that no one would ever guess.

No one read picture books to me as a child. And English is my second language.

Tell us about your work in progress and give us your website address and two other points of contact where we can learn more about you and your books.

As I said my work in progress is my memoir which is about the slice of my life which was hardest for me to live through after the death of my husband and the grieving and learning to live as a single mother and become stable after getting a brain disorder.

My other points of contact are: Like me on my facebook page:

Buy my books from

And buy my book from Amazon: Facebook:

Also and finally the place to buy "Annie's Special Day" is
Here is my amazon author page: for my weebly web page.
And my web page is

Thanks so much for having me, Barri. It has been a pleasure. Take good care,

Thank you for calling on us, Clara. Come again soon.



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