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The Road to Jericho

In 1934, Nora Cassidy's sharecropper husband takes his own life. She is left destitute, and with an eight-year-old daughter to support. When her Uncle Alonzo invites them to come and live with him and his wife Myrtle, she jumps at the chance. She sets out on a five hundred mile journey to the Texas Panhandle in a 1928 open-cab Ford pickup. Trouble follows her. When she and Dede stop in an isolated spot to have lunch, she loses her pickup key.

Cliff Windom is running for his life from a man who will shoot him on sight. He crosses paths with Nora and offers to help her start her pickup if she will let him travel with her and Dede.

They begin a journey that will change all three of their lives forever.


Sparrow On A House Top

In 1943 Sara Carson leaves her farm home and goes to Orange, Texas to work in the ship yards. There she meets and falls in love with soldier Kent Holden. Three days later they are married. Less than a week after that he ships out to North Africa. Sara moves back to the farm to help her mother with her ailing grandmother and her father who is losing his hold on reality.

Now it is 1945. Germany has surrendered and Kent is coming home. Sara comes to grips with the realization that she has married a stranger. She loves her husband, but she doesn't know him. She has married in haste. Is she condemned to repent at leisure? ?

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The Potter's Wheel

The year is nineteen-seventeen. America has just gone to war. Ruth Garland has earned her nursing certificate and looks forward to fulfilling her dream of becoming a medical missionary.

She returns home to visit her sister, Rachel, and learns Rachel has only a few weeks to live.

Rachel begs Ruth to promise to take care of her three children. "Bring them up in the church. Show them how to live a Christian life."

Ruth promises. And then her sister asks her to keep one more promise...

"My dear husband has agreed. When I am gone, will you marry my Henry?"


Asking for a Miracle

Carole Garner's life is smug and secure until she learns her recently deceased Aunt Effie was, in reality, her mother. As she tries to adjust to this shattering news, her husband's infidelity of twenty years ago, comes to light. She leaves her husband and her daughter, and retreats to the home her mother left her.

Jack Garner must find a way to persuade his wife to forgive him. He visits her and begs her to return to him. She will, under one condition. He will faithfully attend church with her. Jack, an avowed agnostic refuses. They quarrel. He storms off into the night and meets with a crippling accident.

Carole is faced with the most difficult decision of her life. Does she leave her unfaithful husband, or does she hold fast to her marriage vows, trust God, and stay?

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The Winning Hand

Chadwick Hamilton decides to marry the mail-order-bride he wins in a poker game. He reasons that any female who is a graduate of Miss Lavenia Sitwell's Atlanta School for Young Ladies must be docile, refined and well-bred. His reasoning is sound but his assumptions are slightly erroneous.

Miss Cherry Blossom is, by 1857 standards, a modern woman with strong beliefs and firm opinions. She is also a woman who is deeply in debt and in fear of being sent to debtor's prison, When her employer, Miss Lavenia Sitwell, offers her a way out of her dilemma, she promptly accepts.

Finding Emily

In the charged silence of the room, her husband's words erupt like a volcano. "I want a divorce." Emily Franklin's twenty-five year marriage is over. She is past forty when she sets about to rebuild her life.

Enter The Reverend Dennis Morrison, a compassionate man who awakens in Emily quiet but compelling emotions. Abruptly and unexpectedly, her repentant ex-husband reappears, asking her forgiveness and pleading for her to take him back. As if her life was not complicated enough, Mac Evans, a bachelor with more charm that any one man should possess, waltzes into her world.

One man is the father of her children, one man offers her security, One man wants to introduce her to a life of travel and adventure. Which one will she choose?

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Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing
A World Apart

Gayle Gentry is a hairdresser who works hard to support herself and her two teenage children.

When handsome young Alexander Ellison offers her a hefty fee to come to his ranch and 'do' his mother's hair, she jumps at the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars.

Her immediate attraction to the arrogant, complex, and reserved Alexander is more than she bargained for, and could also earn for her a broken heart.

A Second Splendor

Julie Anderson is not happy when her ex-husband comes to town early to attend their daughter Sharon's wedding. He brings with him a host of bad memories and that same old attitude. Max has always been more trouble than she can handle. He has broken her heart in the past - not once, but twice.

Max returns home hoping for one last chance to make things right with Julie. He is caught in a double bind when he encounters the unstable circumstances surrounding his daughter's coming marriage. She is set to marry Dan Garner, the son of Julie's business partner, but he suspects her heart belongs to Brett Morrison, the former man in her life. The situation begs for his intervention. He intrudes with the best of intentions. When he does all hell breaks loose.

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Honky Tonk Cowboy

In 1966, Sarah Scott is paroled from federal prison with one thought in mind: to put her shameful past behind her, and once more gain control of her life.

She meets Blake Hamilton, ex-rodeo cowboy turned nightclub owner. The chemistry between this unlikely pair is explosive and instantaneous. A chance meeting leads to passionate encounter that blossoms into a tempestuous affair.

Blake’s family disapproves of Sarah. Her few friends dislike Blake. Sarah wants forever. Blake lives only for today.

Common sense tells Sarah her affair with Blake will end in heartbreak. When did passion ever listen to common sense?


On-the-run Quinn Gallagher agrees to become Hector Perez's hired gun. When an ambush takes Hector's life, Quinn becomes the sole protector of a fiery Mexican woman who thwarts his every attempt to defend her from a very real and present danger.

Rosa Perez's father's death leaves her with a host of problems: a dangerous secret, an ongoing family feud, a pursuing villain, and an overbearing aunt. She also inherits a new business partner. Quinn Gallagher has little respect for her abilities to manage her general store or her life. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Rosa is determined to find a way to control her property and her future.

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Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing
For Jenny's Sake

Eight years ago Erin Harrow fled her hometown in the wake of shame and scandal. She's back now, as Erin Bennett the rich widow of recently deceased billionaire Sheldon Bennett. She's returned to claim what is hers and to set the record straight on some very important issues.

Gabe Harrow has never quite recovered from his ex-wife's flight to oblivion, and he's never forgiven her for disappearing without leaving a trace. She's back now and determined to take from him the one thing that gives his life meaning, his daughter Jenny. But then, she's Erin's daughter too.

Wish on the Moon

It is 1906, a time of political unrest and social upheaval in Texas. Isabel Delaney's terminally ill brother arranges for her to marry their neighbor, Myles Donovan.

The newly married couple is thrust into the public eye when Myles becomes the democratic candidate for governor. The political climate is steeped in intrigue. Accusations are rampant. Scandal erupts. Is Myles Donovan a knight in shining armor or a rogue and a scoundrel?

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Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing

Forbidden delights are sweeter by far than any other pleasures are.

It seemed the perfect summer job, in a perfect setting, a luxurious ranch in far West Texas. Then the mystery and intrigue that surround this isolated utopia begin to unravel. Zoe Martin is caught in a web of deceit and lies and falling in love with a man who has the power to destroy all she holds dear.

Can she find her way through the maze of secrets and taboos that haunt this forbidden place or has fate conspired with circumstance to ensnare her in a net of cunning and deceit?

Search For Paradise

When a divorce from her husband of twenty-five years leaves Kate McClure financially destitute and alienated from her two adult children, she and her aging mother Belle return to Paradise Ranch, the homestead they left when Kate was a child. In this quiet spot she can begin to put her shattered life back together, or so she thinks.

She has scarcely set foot in the dilapidated old ranch house when her next-door neighbor, handsome bachelor Hank Sinclair, arrives to announce that he has a prior claim on Paradise.

Against her better judgment Kate enters into a business deal with Hank and finds she is falling in love with him despite his frank admission that he wants no lasting relationship.

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Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing
Bridget's Secret

Recipe for trouble: Take one frightened young woman with a dangerous secret and a desperate need to hide. Add one devil-may-care cowboy bent on revenge. Stir in a dangerous outlaw, a marauding band of Ku Klux Klansmen, and three inept matchmakers. Add to this mixture a bank's missing loot and one dishonest deputy sheriff. Stir well, settle back and wait for the kettle to boil.

Changeless as the Heavens

For three years Cara Williams's husband has been missing in action and presumed dead. She's moved on with her life to form new relationships and make new commitments. As World War Two draws to a close, she is shocked to learn that her husband is not only very much alive, he's coming home.

How does she justify to him that she has turned his old homestead into a business site? How can she explain that she now has a darling little toddler who calls her Mommie? What does she tell him about her relationship with his cousin Evan? Most of all how does she deal with the resurrection of emotions and passion she had thought dead and long since buried?

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Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing
A Long Shadow

In 1955 Tyler Carson celebrates her thirtieth birthday by ending a two-year, going-nowhere love affair. She is determined that from this day forward to live life on her own terms. Then the return of old love and the upheaval of social change converge to cast a long shadow of doubt across her firm resolve.

Grant Madison, military man and son of the town's most revered citizen is home after many years of serving in the army in Europe and Korea. So many challenges await him: The care and rearing of his ten-year-old niece, learning a new trade; adjusting once more to a way of life that seems, after all this time, alien and outmoded. But his biggest challenge is facing and working with the unorthodox and fiery tempered Tyler Carson, the woman he had loved and left six years before.

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Starting Over

After twenty years, Burt Carlisle is still deeply in love with his wife. He has not always been a model husband. His prime objective over the last twenty years has been to become a successful attorney. A sudden shift in circumstances makes him realize he could lose the woman he adores. He begins to take stock of his life and reassess his options.

Diane Carlisle adores her husband. Over the past few years she has begun to question his love for her. When Burt forgets their twentieth wedding anniversary, she realizes how empty her present existence is. She sets her course and begins the painful and sometimes treacherous journey toward emotional maturity and a more positive future. Will that future include Burt? Only time can tell.

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