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The Potter's Wheel

The year is nineteen-seventeen. America has just gone to war. Ruth Garland has earned her nursing certificate and looks forward to fulfilling her dream of becoming a medical missionary.

She returns home to visit her sister, Rachel, and learns Rachel has only a few weeks to live.

Rachel begs Ruth to promise to take care of her three children. "Bring them up in the church. Show them how to live a Christian life."

Ruth promises. And then her sister asks her to keep one more promise...

"My dear husband has agreed. When I am gone, will you marry my Henry?"


Asking for a Miracle

Carole Garner's life is smug and secure until she learns her recently deceased Aunt Effie was, in reality, her mother. As she tries to adjust to this shattering news, her husband's infidelity of twenty years ago, comes to light. She leaves her husband and her daughter, and retreats to the home her mother left her.

Jack Garner must find a way to persuade his wife to forgive him. He visits her and begs her to return to him. She will, under one condition. He will faithfully attend church with her. Jack, an avowed agnostic refuses. They quarrel. He storms off into the night and meets with a crippling accident.

Carole is faced with the most difficult decision of her life. Does she leave her unfaithful husband, or does she hold fast to her marriage vows, trust God, and stay?

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John Jacob Worthington Jones

In 1935 John Jones is an unrepentant hobo and con-man whose past has caught up with him. He is being carted off to jail, when a strange young woman with a two-year-old child on her hip, stops the police chief, insisting, there has been a mistake. The man he has in tow is her husband, Reverend John Jacob Worthington Jones.

Ruth Harvey needs a man with nothing to lose. Who better than someone at odds with the law? She says a short prayer, and tells a little lie. The domino effect of her hasty falsehood, sets in motion a chain of unexpected events that will change her life forever.

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