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Starting Over

After twenty years, Burt Carlisle is still deeply in love with his wife. He has not always been a model husband. His prime objective over the last twenty years has been to become a successful attorney. A sudden shift in circumstances makes him realize he could lose the woman he adores. He begins to take stock of his life and reassess his options.

Diane Carlisle adores her husband. Over the past few years she has begun to question his love for her. When Burt forgets their twentieth wedding anniversary, she realizes how empty her present existence is. She sets her course and begins the painful and sometimes treacherous journey toward emotional maturity and a more positive future. Will that future include Burt? Only time can tell.


The Winning Hand

Chadwick Hamilton decides to marry the mail-order-bride he wins in a poker game. He reasons that any female who is a graduate of Miss Lavenia Sitwell's Atlanta School for Young Ladies must be docile, refined and well-bred. His reasoning is sound but his assumptions are slightly erroneous.

Miss Cherry Blossom is, by 1857 standards, a modern woman with strong beliefs and firm opinions. She is also a woman who is deeply in debt and in fear of being sent to debtor's prison, When her employer, Miss Lavenia Sitwell, offers her a way out of her dilemma, she promptly accepts.

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John Jacob Worthington Jones

In 1935 John Jones is an unrepentant hobo and con-man whose past has caught up with him. He is being carted off to jail, when a strange young woman with a two-year-old child on her hip, stops the police chief, insisting, there has been a mistake. The man he has in tow is her husband, Reverend John Jacob Worthington Jones.

Ruth Harvey needs a man with nothing to lose. Who better than someone at odds with the law? She says a short prayer, and tells a little lie. The domino effect of her hasty falsehood, sets in motion a chain of unexpected events that will change her life forever.



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